About Us

Helping Low-Income Students Reach for College!

Reach for College! was founded in 2005 by two experienced urban educators to help low-income high school students reach their dreams of pursuing postsecondary education. Working in public high schools and public charter schools, Reach for College! provides a curriculum specially developed for students who will often be the first in their families to pursue higher education, and we train teachers to use it. This research-based, structured curriculum has been proven to significantly increase the number of students going to college from high schools where the college-going rate is often low.

Our Philosophy

We believe all students should aim for some sort of education after high school. Education after high school tends to opens doors by exposing students to new people, new networks and new avenues for success. The "college" in our name is shorthand for any kind of training program; vocational, junior or community college, 2- or 4-year college degree, or university that a student aspires to.

We help students reach their educational and career goals, and believe that all students can succeed if they are determined enough. Successful people say that their achievement was due to 10% luck and 90% hard work.

Low-income students represent 17% of all students in the country, and it's important to give them the right tools so they can do the hard work and have the necessary foundation to get started on the path to their goals.

Our society needs them to be educated, contributing members of their communities. We all need their vibrancy, their caring hearts, and their good ideas. We are here to uplift society by helping these students reach their goals.

Awards & Recognition

2010 College Keys Innovation Award from the College Board recognizing and highlighting Reach for College! as an innovative college access and success program regionally and nationally.

2009 National Junior Tennis League Award (United States Tennis Association Eastern) Honoring the Reach for College! program combining after-school tennis with college prep education.

Finalist for 2009 Social Value Leadership Award from The Washington Post and Greater D.C. Cares for demonstrating "positive impact that truly strengthened the region".

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