What People Say About Reach for College!

Reach for College! Alumni Video

RfC! alums talk about their high school and college experience.

Comments from students, educators, donors and volunteers:

"The passion and experience of this group is extremely inspiring. One by one, they give kids a chance. Every dollar is used more efficiently than I have ever seen at any other organization. I have no doubt that my investment of both money and time to this organization will pay huge dividends in the lives of these young people, and thereby to the community at large."
~Donor & volunteer

"Reach for College is an extraordinary organization. It truly fills a great need and in many ways saves lives. The concept is clear, the materials are great, and the organization operates with minimum staff, placing almost all the dollars into the program. It is run by a highly dedicated leadership who saw the need and did something about it. The program needs funds to spread the program across the US. A better investment cannot be found."

"The books are helpful and make me look at my future. They are a very good resource and will maybe change some people's minds about how to look at what they need to do to get ready for what's ahead."

"The books have given us a better understanding on how college works. As far as applying for financial aid, they really help."

The Reach for College Curriculum at Potomac High School over the past year has made our college based advisory program extremely successful. The materials and additional resources have provided a wealth of information and educational opportunities for all grade levels. It has afforded Potomac High School students and advisors the opportunity of a lifetime!!
~School administrator

"Reach for College is an extraordinary organization that gives students targeted goals and provides them with the resources to accomplish them. This organization sets up students to succeed upon graduation by giving them practical and accomplish-able steps in preparing for college and ultimately preparing them for successful careers. Every school should have a program of this nature as its curriculum."
~Education professional specializing in motivating students to go to college

"Reach for College! can enlighten someone and convince them to go to college and how to pick the best college."

"The Reach for College Family has believed in me since day one and I will be forever grateful and appreciative to them. Thank You!!!"

"Reach for College! provides a rich variety of high quality materials and curriculum to guide students through the increasingly complex college application process and supports our teacher who is central to the program. The rising aspiration of our students can certainly be attributed to the Reach for College! class, which employs a road map of strategies, tools and the consistent encouragement to pursue postsecondary education in a classroom setting."

"I'm at an advantage, a big advantage this year. I saw it best at my junior year because I was not really in the mindset that I needed to get ready for college. This class gets you thinking about college and really helps you with the tools you could use to get to college. I know that if I hadn't taken the class, I wouldn't have four college applications done and won the scholarship that I have now."

"Your training and program material provided has been invaluable in preparing our youngsters for admission to college. It has contributed to our having 95% of our high school students admitted to college. I look forward to a continuing partnership with Reach for College! and the success associated with it."
~Director, Prince George's Tennis & Education Foundation

"Reach for College! is an extraordinary program and it has been very beneficial to my education and life. Reach for College! gives us students a real chance."

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