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Reach for College! provides the curriculum, materials, and support you need to build a college-going culture at your school.

Our goals for students are:

  • Readiness
  • Effort
  • Achievement
  • Confidence
  • Hope

Students need help with readiness. They need to be prepared for the rigors of freshman year in college–when they will be in sudden competition with students who might have been better prepared academically. Reach for College! materials focus on college-level reading and writing assignments.

Students need help with effort. College is going to require more of them in terms of their academic skills, but also will test their time-management, life management, and study habits. Reach for College! materials address these issues too.

Students need to know that their achievement in life includes making good choices, setting goals and reaching them, and being respectful of themselves and others. Self-respect includes striving to live up to their potential and their own dreams. Reach for College! materials have clear, powerful lessons on these topics.

Students need boosts for their confidence. Since most likely they will be the first generation in their families to attempt postsecondary education, students need the confidence to believe in themselves. Reach for College! materials walk them through the processes of applying to college and for financial aid so they won't get cold feet and quit. With their teacher and fellow students all working together to get the applications out, they build the confidence they need.

Reach for College! gives students hope. All students have dreams for themselves. We know that. Sometimes they are deeply hidden dreams because students are afraid they can't achieve them. Reach for College! is all about bringing those dreams to light and making them come true.

Build a college-going culture in your school

After the first year of the Reach for College! class in a school, principals say the program begins to sell itself by word-of-mouth. Students tell other students to get into the class. Principals add more classes and a college-going culture begins to develop at the school.

No student wants to be left behind when everyone else is going somewhere!

Reach for College! Works

Over a three-year period, involving 254 students, Reach for College! students far surpassed their peers in the same schools in high school graduation, college-enrollment and college retention rates. Learn more about how Reach for College! works.

92.3% High School Graduation Rate for Reach for College! Seniors vs. 80% DC Historical RateReach for College! Students College-going Rates in DC for 2006-2008 More Than Double non-RfC Students


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