How We Accomplish Our Goals

Reach for College! provides a proven curriculum, teacher training, and ongoing in–class support to schools. This program gets 73% of students to college from schools where normally only 34% of students go on to receive postsecondary education. The proven success of our program is why we are so eager for more schools to adopt it. Contact us for more information.

Typically, schools integrate the Reach for College! materials into English classes, advisory periods, or after school and Saturday programs where students learn about the possibilities and opportunities available to them after high school from someone they already know and have a rapport with—their teacher.

Reach for College! is known for the professional training of teachers and the in–class support provided to successfully implement the college prep materials in advisory periods or in existing classes—such as SAT prep or English—in grades 9 through 12. The materials give teachers ready–made lessons that help students with:

  • Goal–setting
  • Making good choices in the here and now
  • SAT prep
  • Career exploration and educational planning for that career
  • College selection and application done right in class (for seniors)
  • Securing financial aid and creating a winning application packet right in class
  • Life skills, such as banking, managing money, good communication and interviewing skills

The "done in class" approach captures a lot of students who might otherwise not be thinking beyond graduation and wouldn't have the time or take the time to go see a counselor about post-high school options. Once this is a focus in class that everyone is talking about and working toward, then students start seriously considering what they want to do and where they want to be five or ten years after graduation. This often leads to the realization that "the more you learn, the more you earn." And then postsecondary school options start to look necessary and important.

The class also makes the postsecondary options feasible by walking students through program selection and application "done in class." Their teacher, who has been trained by Reach for College!, leads students through this process to make it as efficient and painless as possible.

There is a buzz of excitement and hope in these classrooms that reaches a crescendo in the spring when the acceptance letters start to roll in. Students realize they're going somewhere!

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