College Visit Questions

Visiting a College or University Campus?

A few tips from Reach for College! to help you get the best information about how the university is set up to help your child be successful. Here are some questions* to ask college or university admissions officers:Forty Reach for College! students on a tour of the University of Virginia.

  • Do you have an advising program for freshmen?
  • What is the average size of the freshmen classes?
  • Does (college or university name) have any special programs to help students make the change from high school to college level classes/academics?
  • How many courses are freshmen students allowed to take?
  • How many times per semester is a freshman required to meet with his/her advisor?
  • Do you encourage students to declare a major as soon as possible? Why/Why not?
  • What programs are in place to help a student who appears to be having academic difficulties by mid-term?
  • Are the freshman courses taught by full-time faculty members?
  • Does your institution offer a summer "bridge" program?
  • How can my child participate in the summer bridge program?

*Source: Institutional Program and Approaches to Have Positive Effects excerpted from Raising the Graduation Rates of Low-Income Students – Pell Institute 2004.)

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