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A college education matters, and you are a key resource in helping your child reach that goal.

Reach for College! can help to answer questions you might have about why education after high school is important, how your child can get there, and what you can do to help.

Please contact us for more information on Reach for College!, and how to get our program into your childs school.

Financial Success

Education after high school is the best way to assure that your child will have the best opportunities to earn a good salary. The saying, "The more you learn, the more you earn" is absolutely true. The average college graduate earns one million dollars more in his or her lifetime than the average high school graduate. In some careers a high school diploma may get you a job, but people with more education will generally receive more promotions and more money.

Personal Satisfaction

Post high school education can also bring many other, less obvious benefits. Besides higher pay, a college degree can open the door to employment opportunities that offer other benefits, such as health and life insurance. Better education also means more careers to choose from.

More education will likely give your child greater self–confidence and sense of accomplishment and will open doors to new networks of people. It can also mean more freedom and security, both on the job and in life.

Some Worries You Might Have

Parents often worry about several things when considering whether or not their child should go to college. Some common worries are "Is my child smart enough for college?", and "College is for rich people, we won't be able to afford it." Neither of those statements are reasons to keep your child from going to college.

  • Is My Child Smart Enough to Succeed in College?

    College is like every other school your child has attended. There are smart kids, and there are not so smart kids enrolled. If your child works hard, he or she will do fine. Colleges want your child to succeed, so they try hard to help all students be successful and graduate.

  • How Can I Afford to Send My Child to College?

    College does cost money, but the cost depends on which school you go to. Some schools are cheaper than others for example,  state schools are subsidized by the state, so they charge students less.

    Money should not deter anyone from going to college. There are all kinds of financial aid programs available from the federal government, and from state governments. Colleges themselves try to help as many students as possible attend their institutions. The key is to apply for as many financial aid, scholarship, and other assistance programs your child is eligible to receive.

Applying to Training Programs or College

There are steps to take in order to pursue more education after high school. Sometimes these steps can seem overwhelming, but that's what Reach for College! is all about—helping students and parents through the process. Reach for College! provides a parent handbook that walks you and your student through the necessary steps of choosing the right program and applying for it. If your child is in a Reach for College! class at his or her school, you will automatically receive this handbook.

Then your job is to encourage your child to continue on and pursue further education after graduating from high school graduation, and to help them through the college application process. Those will be the wisest hours you will spend with your child at this stage of his or her life, and will put your child on a path to success.

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