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Education after high school is your best bet to open up more opportunities for yourself in life. The saying, "The more you learn, the more you earn" is one solid reason to continue your education after you graduate from high school. Higher education also opens you up to meeting new people, and creating new networks that can take you places in life you never knew existed.

There are all kinds of schools for all kinds of career paths. You just have to choose based on what interests you. Here are some examples:

  • Technical school where you learn a trade such as plumbing or car mechanics or computer tech skills. (These generally take a few weeks to a couple years to complete, depending on what you choose.)
  • Two-year schools where you can learn to be a radiology technician or an executive secretary, as just two examples of hundreds of careers. (Usually takes about two years.)
  • Four-year schools (colleges) where you can learn to be a teacher or a nurse, as two of the many careers available. (Takes four years.)
  • Universities where you can learn to be a lawyer or doctor or most anything else too. (Takes four to eight years.)

It's not hard to get into a school after high school. You just have to pick a school (or a few schools) and apply. But sometimes that seems like a lot of work, especially if you don't really know how to do it. Most kids don't know how to go about making it through this process, so don't feel dumb.

That's why Reach for College! works in schools, to help you with the application process right in the classroom. We also work with organizations in your community. The more people in your class or community center are thinking about careers, picking out schools, and filling out the applications—with help from your teachers, leaders or parents—the easier it all is to make it through.

And when you start getting your acceptance letters, and you've got a solid plan for after high school, you going to feel really great. You're going somewhere!

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