RFC! Success

At Reach for College!, we are proud of all of our students who follow their dreams, complete high school and go on to post secondary education. In a study concluded in January, 2009, it was found that:

  • 92.3% of RFC! seniors graduate from high school. This is as opposed to 80% of seniors in the high schools our students attend.
  • An average of 73% of RFC! high school graduates have enrolled in college over a three year period. This is versus 34% of high school graduates in our students' schools during this same three year period.
  • 93% of RFC! graduates go to 4-year institutions. 7% go to two-year institutions.
  • Reach for College! students are two to three times more likely to graduate from a 4-year institution or university as they are to graduate from a 2-year institution.
  • 51.4% of RFC! college students are retained in college. (Data goes as far as junior year, which is as far as we have graduates so far, having begun in 2005.)
  • The national average for college retention for low-income students (in the two lowest income quartiles—up to $69,000) is 27.5%.

These are some of the stories highlighting the successes of Reach for College! students:

  • George Washington University Awards Full Scholarships to Reach for College! Students
  • Andre – University of the District of Columbia
  • Anitta – Tuskegee University
  • Christopher – Wilberforce University
  • Jennifer – Bennett College
  • Shanima – Bennett College
  • Tiaira – Florida A & M University
  • Wesley – North Carolina Central University

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