Anitta – Tuskegee University

"School is wonderful!" Anitta says. "There are many events for me to attend and clubs that I can voice not only my opinions but also my feelings. There are so many people that I have come in contact with. Students from all over—Africa, Russia, Bahamas, even parts of Europe. Sometimes, I have to remind myself, yes Anitta, you are in college!"

Adjustment challenges

"I was well prepared for the lifestyle and the new beginning, yet the drastic difference in regions took me by storm. I used to live in Washington, DC and moved to Tuskegee, Alabama. It was in an entirely different time zone and the weather was so hot. My family back home had major challenges and issues. Also, my little brothers would call me, and ask me to come home. I didn't know how to answer them. If not for my mother, I would be back home like many of the other students."

Academic adjustment

"The academics were not hard, but I was not used to all of my classes giving me assignments every day! I had to adapt to the work load, quick. Time management was one of the hardest things I struggled with."

Financial aid challenges

"Financial aid is the worst. I attend a private school that keeps increasing tuition. If that's not enough, we must pay our entire tuition before we are able to start any classes or even move into our dorms."

How Reach for College! helped

"The Reach for College! class definitely helped me in making the transition to college. My RFC teacher, Ms. Chase, was easy to talk to, but she never sugarcoated anything. Sometimes I went up to her desk just to ask questions. She would answer me and send me on my way with more work. And because of that, my easiest transition was in my English class. While being in Ms. Chase's class, all we did was write. Then we would write for colleges and write for scholarships. So when I was told to write in college, I looked forward to it!"

Suggestions to students in her old high school

"The only way to better yourself would be to go to college. There is so much you can do with your life. To obtain a degree just puts you closer to your overall goal. Never limit yourself because anything is possible. If you can see yourself doing it then keep working towards your goal."

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