Jennifer – Bennett College

A journalism/media studies major, who says she definitely plans to stay until she earns her degree, Jennifer will be the first in her family to go to and graduate from a four-year college.

Adjustment to College

"All is going well," Jennifer says. "But I have been having a little trouble adjusting to life in the South. It has been hard for me to leave the city and come to the South where there is little to no means of transportation around the city. And I miss my friends and family."

Financial Aid Challenges

For nearly all RFC college students, money is an ever-present problem. Jennifer says, "One of the major challenges I have faced would be financial aid. Issues with financial aid in college can be very stressful. Personally, I thought I would have to leave school because I have no money to pay for college. The Financial Aid [office] constantly hounds you about their money when you have no means of getting the money. When registering for class I could not complete my registration because I owed the school money nor could I receive my report card. I worked through my problems by being patient and hoping and praying for a miracle, because I honestly had no way to pay for school without taking out a loan. After being patient the school offered me a scholarship. Now I do not owe the college as much, but I still owe."

Glad to be in College

"What I found easiest about the transition to college would be finding friends because there is no right or wrong way to communicate with people. And I've found it easy to do my work in class. I am glad I went to college because it is an incredible learning experience."

How Reach for College! Helped

"Being in the Reach for College! college prep class helped me gain the confidence in myself. Without the class I would not be in college because I had no idea what steps I had to take to enter college. The class helped me to understand what I should do once I enter college."

Suggestions to Students in Her Old High School

"I suggest that many students should take the Reach for College! course in order to be prepared for the college process and entering college."

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